Do you want to make your loved ones happy and give them an experience in the form of accommodation in our pension?

Vouchers - Pension Fontána Svitavy
Jacuzzi - Pension Fontána Svitavy

Simply email the following information to our email address

  1. Should the voucher be anonymous or made out to a specific name?
  2. For what amount should it be issued? See our accommodation prices.
    The minimum amount is 500 CZK.
  3. Which address should the voucher be sent to – you or the recipient? Is an electronic voucher sufficient or would you prefer a printed one?
    In case you wish to donate anonymously, we will send the voucher directly to the recipient in a hidden copy to you (in case of electronic).
  4. Any special requirements for the guest? Would you like to put a wish on the voucher, indicate a preferred room, etc.?
  5. Do you want to limit the validity of the voucher?
    The maximum validity of a voucher is 365 days from the date of issue.
  6. Who should I invoice ?

Based on this information, we will issue an invoice, after which we will create a voucher to send to the designated contact. The invoice can be paid by bank transfer, or by cash or credit card at reception.