The garden area is private and its use is not part of the pension’s services. It is a shared space of the owners, which can be used by the guests of the guesthouse if they behave as guests!

Its use is only at your own risk and the owners disclaim all liability for any injury while in the garden. There is a risk of injury, including fatal injury, in the area, e.g. by falling from the lookout tower or into the underground bunker, strangulation on the suspended rope, breaking a neck on the trampoline or drowning in a buried barrel. It is therefore essential that children are only allowed to be here under parental supervision.

Rules and regulations to be observed:

  1. Do not use areas or things that are marked with no trespassing signs. It’s red, you will recognize it :).
  2. Anything you damage or destroy must be reported to reception and the damage paid for.
  3. Do not harvest our crops! We are not very good growers and we are happy with every crop. So please don’t spoil our occasional joy. The flowers are here to decorate the garden, so don’t pick them.
  4. The slide is already cracked from other kids. If you find anything else damaged, please let us know. We’ll add it to the list here … or maybe fix it :).
  5. Anything loose (scooters, toys etc) and balls in the lower cupboard under the patio can be borrowed. Anything needs to be returned neatly after use.
  6. It is possible to smoke here, please only knock the ashes into the ashtrays and do not bother other visitors with smoke.
  7. Do not be noisy and do not disturb other visitors and guests.
  8. It is also possible to be in the garden during the night time hours (between 10pm and 6am), but keep completely quiet.
  9. Clean up yourrubbish in the designated area. We sort waste, so sort it with us!
  10. The water in the buried barrel has not changed for years and we do not recommend drinking it. The barrel can be used to cool your drinks if you have a long enough arm :).
  11. The use of the trampoline must be arranged with any other interested parties (taking turns, jumping together, etc.). Please jump without shoes. Do not intentionally jump into the protective side nets. Do not jump on the trampoline from the tree. Do not climb under the trampoline. Observe the maximum load capacity of the trampoline of 150 kg.
  12. If you urgently need to move garden furniture, put it back in its original place after use.
  13. Use of the fireplace-grill-smokehouse is only possible by arrangement. If this occurs, you must purchase charcoal for the barbecue. Most of our stored firewood is not suitable for grilling and is intended for burning only.
  14. Dishes brought into the garden from your room should then be taken back to your room.
  15. Do not handle the hose or run water.
  16. Clean up any excrement left by your animal friends.
  17. Last person leaving the garden should turn off the lights under the patio and close the back door to the building and parking lot. The lights by the door are automatic, they will turn off by themselves, do not try to turn them off :).

Failure to follow any of the rules will result in you being denied further access to the garden.

We hope that despite the many regulations, you will enjoy your stay in our garden :).